Corrugated Boxes Supplies


Corrugated boxes are manufactured from corrugated board sheets in which a sheet of fluted paper is glued in between two sheets of liner paper boards, providing stability to light weight paper. Double or tripled walled corrugated boxes supplies can be made by using different combinations of flute sizes according to the needs of packaging. Extra added layers of fluted paper provide strength and sturdiness and prevents damage to goods by resisting shocks, jerks, drops etc during shipping and transportation. Our products are light weight yet sturdy and well built. Whether it is jewelry, watches, cosmetics or any other general items, they provide a decent and eye catching packaging option. These supplies while being cheap also provide an option for package marketing. Surface of them even allow stickers with branding to be placed which will promote the brand as long as the sticker is placed. Logos, brand names graphic images can also be printed on our corrugated boxes supplies. They are available in all shapes and sizes possible. Ranging from box shaped, round, oval, cylindrical, triangular etc. They provide safe and beautiful way of presenting all sorts of small to medium range goods. We have all sorts of different colors and patterned supplies for every occasion. They are 100% environment friendly and can be recycled. No harmful products or chemicals etc are used in the manufacturing of the. Since the material can be recycled they are comparatively cheap as compared to other packaging options available in the market. Corrugated boxes supplies are a beautiful way to present and market products. Being sturdy and tough our corrugated boxes supplies are easy to ship anywhere without getting any damages. They have a good life and last long as compared to other packaging options available.

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